Mililani Mauka Elementary School was designed to be the “complete school of the future” networked for voice, video, and data communication. Modeled as a school for the 21st century, school members adopted Harvard’s Project Zero Smart School concept as the school’s philosophical base, developing the school’s conceptual framework based on the principle that “learning is a consequence of thinking and should be reflective of deep understanding”.

Mililani Mauka Elementary adopted the State of Hawaii Department of Education’s General Learner Outcomes (GLO) as our school-wide student goals. The six GLOs are:
  • Self-directed learner
  • Community contributor
  • Quality producer
  • Complex thinkerTeachers
  • Effective communicator
  • Effective and ethical user of technology

Mililani Mauka Elementary School believes that our actions should reflect our beliefs. We believe that all children should be challenged to their potential, working towards our mission to develop each child to be a thinking learner and an active user of knowledge. The General Learner Outcomes (GLOs) are the goals of standards-based education. They are essential overarching goals for all grade levels and all academic disciplines. GLOs are considered to be skills and attitudes that are essential to live in today’s society and which will enable students to lead full and productive lives.

There is a school-wide focus on the General Learner Outcomes (GLOs) throughout the year. Two GLOs are chosen each quarter for explicit instruction and student self-assessment. The Seven Thinking Dispositions, a critical element in GLO #3: Complex Thinker, are also embedded in classroom instruction. Opportunities to share teaching strategies will continue. Emphasis on student self assessment of the GLOs is an ongoing initiative.