Lunch & Breakfast Program

National School Lunch Program
To ensure that children are able to grow strong and healthy, the National School Lunch Program was established to provide nutritionally balanced school lunch meals at a low cost for children each school day. School lunch costs $2.50 for students in kindergarten through grade 8, and $2.75 for high schoolers. Eligible children may also receive meals at a reduced or free price. The federal government partially reimburses schools for meals that comply with nutritional standards set by the USDA. NSLP operates in Hawaii public schools, public charter schools, non-profit private schools, and residential child care facilities.

School Breakfast Program
To meet the challenges of the day, schools are able to provide children with an energy-packed meal through the School Breakfast Program. Functioning in the same manner as the school lunch program, meals at breakfast provide a healthy jumpstart for the day. Breakfast meals cost $1.10 for all students. Free or reduced-price (30 cents) breakfast is available to eligible children so that no child is left hungry and he/she can concentrate in the classroom.

Free & Reduced Price Meals On-line Application
The Department's School Food Services Branch has a web-based site that will provide families with the option to submit applications for Free and Reduced-Price Meal Benefits online. The online program will walk parents and guardians through an easy step-by-step application process. Schools will continue to forward eligibility notifications to households.

When applying, in the "Search for District" box, please type "Hawaii" - the Hawaii Department of Education option will be displayed.
Meal Prices (Starting July 1, 2015)

 Elementary Student  $1.10
 Student - Reduced Price $0.30
 Student - 2nd Meal & Subsequent $2.40
 Adult $2.40
 Elementary Student $2.50
 Student - Reduced Price $0.40
 Student - Second Entree $2.00
 Student - 2nd Meal & Subsequent $5.50
 Adult $5.50  
 Milk $0.60