Mililani Mauka Elementary School opened on September 1, 1993, with 280 students in grades K through 6 under the leadership of Principal Betty Mow. In 1998 we became a K-5 elementary school with the opening of Mililani Middle School. From 1993 to 2003, our enrollment grew to 1250 students. In 2003, a second elementary school (Mililani 'Ike) opened in the Mililani Mauka community allowing our enrollment to decrease to 650 students. From 2003-2013, our enrollment has gradually increased to 875 students.  Our current enrollment is about 890 students.

Mililani Mauka Elementary was designed to be a “complete school of the future,” being completely networked for voice, video, and data. The use of technology to enhance the teaching-learning processes is integral to the school's design and operation. During the design process, school members adopted Harvard’s Project Zero Smart School concept as the school’s philosophical base, developing the school’s conceptual framework based on the principle that “learning is a consequence of thinking and should be reflective of deep understanding.” This principle is manifested in the daily life of the school through the supportive elements of smart content, smart assessment, smart growth and change, smart thinking dispositions, smart culture, and smart technology.

We have an active School Community Council as well as a very supportive Parent Teacher Organization. The PTO has funded various initiatives for the students in the arts, technology, music, and physical education. Over the years, students have participated in PTO funded art activities such as weaving, drama, raku pottery, and creating a tile mural. For the last five years, the PTO has funded a part-time art teacher for the school. We also have an active Parent Community Networking Center where parents are encouraged to sign up to volunteer for a variety of activities ranging from single events to year-long assistance as tutors, library helpers, classroom helpers, etc. 

Mililani Mauka first earned accreditation in 1997 by the Western Association of School & Colleges and was reaccredited in February 2012 for a period of six years until June 30, 2018.

Mililani Mauka was recognized as a Hawaii Distinguished School in 2003, 2004, & 2012 and has received an Annual Achievement Award each year for maintaining our “school in good standing” status under No Child Left Behind.

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